Feb 22, 2012

How I want to die..

How I want to die,

Is with a smile on my face.

Not for I have lived a glorious life,

Not for I have a fulfilling one.

Not for the people I have met and forgotten,

Not for yet others whose company I have not begotten.

Not even for all the smiles I have bestowed upon the world,

Not for those I have had grace me in return.

Not for all the fantastical adventures I have been taken on

By many a pen or my own mind's song.

Naught matter the petty victories in cheap duels,

Nor do the pretty faces and scented lapels.

But for I am happy in that moment, I am,

As I lay in tender arms,

With long fingers that comb through what's left of mine hair.

For I see the happiness in those faded eyes,

As they look back to see me smiling,

Or perhaps simply because, in my mind, I'm listening to Frederic Chopin.


  1. AHHH!!! Finally one more again.....always a good read..... :D

  2. -Good piece of information.

  3. Nice :)
    your blogname made me smile- I thought the lisping-for-fun was my exclusive right to awefomeneff :D